March 27, 2017

Become a Member

Top Ten Reasons to Join HUCC  (click to see expanded list)

1.  Enhanced credibility                                                 6.  Obtain business skills
2.  Visibility                                                                           7.  Networking opportunities
3.  Referrals                                                                          8.  Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening
4.  Participate in economic development           9.  Improve your bottom line
5.  Have a voice                                                                  10.  Give back to the community

Committee InvolvementNo Committee InvolvementCommittee InvolvementNo Committee InvolvementCommittee InvolvementNo Committee Involvement
1 category listing on websiteXXXXXX
Voting rights one per business nameXXXXXX
Ability to Hold Executive Board or Trustee PositionXXXXXX
Ability to Chair a CommitteeXXXXXX
A basic business profile listing on the BGoSH/HUCC website which includes contact information, business description & a link to their websiteXXXXXX
Business Map listing on BGoSH/HUCC websiteXXXXXX
BGoSH/HUCC membership card for each business memberXXXXXX
New member packetsXXXXXX
Ability to host or co-host official BGoSH/HUCC events, including networking, fundraising, mixers, educational sessionsXXXXXX
Complementary ribbon cutting for grand opening, anniversaries and new members.XXXXXX
BGoSH/HUCC Loyalty Sticker for businessXXXXXX
Ability to opt into the discount program with your company.XXXXXX
Advertising Opportunities in eNewsletter, Chamber Directory, or BGoSH/HUCC siteXXXXXX
Social Media sharing of your events to Chamber Page as well as Members only groupXXXXXX
Add BGoSH/HUCC approved events to organization’s website calendarXXXXXX
·       1 representative from the businessXX
·       10% discount on Membership luncheonsXX
·       Membership Mailing list – provided annuallyXX
·       Opportunity to present at Lunch N Learn eventsXX
·       Reposting of your websites content to the Heights Living or Heights News pagesXX
·       2 tickets to attend ONE Membership LuncheonXX
·       20% discount on advertising ratesXX
·       Early Registration to Sponsor HUCC Events.XX
·       20% off sponsorship opportunitiesXX
·       20% off specific HUCC eventsXX
·       Membership Mailing list – provided quarterlyXX
·       Advanced Profile on the chamber websiteXX
o    Add videoXX
o    Add additional pictures (up to 5)XX
·       2 tickets to attend ALL Membership LuncheonsXX
·       Your Advertisement in eNewsletter and HUCC site (30 days for free)XX
·       Advanced Notice & Early Registration to Sponsor HUCC Events.XX
·       50% off sponsorship opportunitiesXX
·       50% off specific HUCC eventsXX
·       50% of Networking EventsXX