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Jobsite Theater
PO Box 7975
Tampa, FL

Jobsite is the award-winning independent professional resident theater company at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.
5109 N. Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

We design an individualized plan for each client, tailored to each person’s own needs, situation, conditions and abilities. Our staff listens, they care, and they are passionate about helping every client. Our choice-based approach empowers our clients to choose their own destiny, giving a hand up to lasting independence.

Putting the pieces together.
 Our Mission:
to provide holistic, client-centered, family-focused opportunities for positive change and personal accountability through evidence-based treatment, housing, and supportive service.
 Our Story:
Tampa Crossroads, Inc. began offering services in 1977 in Hillsborough County. We now provide a full range of care including counseling & treatment, housing, employment services, help for Veterans and their families, and other support to men and women in our community. Tampa Crossroads has helped thousands of adults who have struggled with trauma and abuse, addictions, homelessness, and social problems.
 Our Process:
Our holistic, family-centered approach guides each client forward, through a choice-based process, toward sustainable independence in a healthy and happy lifestyle. The choice-based process empowers the individual to take charge of their own life’s direction, and gain lasting results.

All of our programs are staffed with caring, trained professionals. We are licensed by the State of Florida.

We have helped thousands of men & women to:

Obtain housing
Manage mental health care
Overcome drug and alcohol addictions
Provide basic needs for their families
Develop a healthier and happier lifestyle
Connect with other agencies that can provide help

We assist a broad range of people:

disabled people
adults with mental health conditions
people with substance abuse problems
single parents
homeless people, and people in danger of becoming homeless

Tampa Crossroads Website
(813) 238-8557
4610 N. Central Ave
Tampa, FL 33603
Tampa 33603

The Financial Well brings clarity to your financial world.

Are you looking for a financial advisor that gives you the information and resources to make well thought out financial decisions that nurture your financial well-being?

To get where you want to go requires a financial plan, and the best financial plans consider all known contingencies and are free of hidden fees or costs.

The Financial Well is your source for financial well-being.

The Financial Well team, with over 30 years of financial planning experience, is your one stop resource for financial advice when you are making financial decisions.

As a fee only registered investment advisor, we choose to put you first. Whether you need a comprehensive financial plan, a second opinion on your portfolio manager, a financial coach to help you achieve your financial goals, or a financial advisor that collaborates with you to keep you on your financial path, we have a platform that can help you without the worry of hidden fees or com missions.

We test the water in your financial well so you have clear a picture of your financial health and resources you have available to you.